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 Released: 1971
 Approx: 101 minutes long
 Starring: Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien, Nora   maio, Tony Liu and Han Ying Chieh
 Setting: Bangkok, Thailand 

Story: Bruce Lee unleashes his Fists of Fury in this violent action packed tale about a young man who made a promise not to fight in his new home.  He begins working at an ice factory. After a few of his friends vanish  without a trace, he begins looking for them. What he finds and what would happen next throws Bruce into a fight for revenge and his life!   

I give the movie 3 stars.  It is the first movie of bruce's adult career.  It has a good story line and a good ending to it.  It's the cheesiest movie of of his adult career I think.  Still a serious movie but a bit cheesy.  Giving the time it came out though, and the other martial arts movies at the time, hell, it deserved an oscar!  Even today matched against now a day Martial Arts movies, it holds it's own, with plot, and even better yet, fight scenes! 

Highlights: Some AMAZING FIGHT SCENES!  I mean after all this is a Bruce Lee movie! A good twist on the ending I thought.  A fight scene where bruce takes on about 20 guys at an ice factory!  And not too mention a hell of a fight at the end of the movie!  Of course if you haven't seen this movie, what are you WAITING FOR?