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Just a few quotes from what some of Brandons fellow actors in The Crow had to say about him. I will be adding more as I find them.

Quote from others about Brandon Lee

Jon Polito (Gideon) - "Brandon was sort of a gentle soul, but when I was acting with him, I could really feel the tremendous amount of power he threw across a room." 

Sofia Shinas (Shelly Webster) - "The truly amazing thing about the film is how very poignant it was - what Brandon did with the role, especially because he is in makeup. We are always aware of Eric's pain and his motivation." 

Ernie Hudson (Officer Albrecht) - "I was very touched by the fact that Brandon's spirit, his warmth, and his heart came through. And he essentially made it a love story. When I first got involved, all I saw was the dark side. All I saw was the violence. But when I saw the movie, what came through for me was the love story. At the end, I know that they hadn't shot most of the love scenes and the scenes dealing with his personal relationship with the girl. It still came through because of his performance and what he brought to the role; it came through loud and clear." 

Rochelle Davis (Sarah) - "He's great to work with. He's really easy to work with; very lovable, very sweet."