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This is just a small bit of Brandon's stats.  I would like to include in the future a lot more personal info on him.  Things that a lot of fans would like to know.  Like, what was his favorite food? His favorite music? Ect...  If anyone has any info on some things as such please let me know.  Enjoy the page!


Date of Birth: February 1, 1965

Date of Death: March 31, 1993

Place of Birth: Oakland, California(East Oakland 

Weight at Birth: 8lbs.  11oz.

Regular Height: 6.0

Regular Weight: 160lbs.

Parents: Mother-Linda Emery Lee(Cadwell) and Father-Bruce (Jun Fan) Lee

Siblings: Sister Shannon Lee(Keasler){Former host of WMAC Masters}

Fiancee: Eliza Hutton

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