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I thought I would change this a bit and add a "Did you know" section to it. I thought it would be neat to be able to read little facts about Bruce that perhaps you might not have known. If you have any facts you think I should put on here, drop me a line and let me know.

Did you Know?!

Name: Bruce (Jun Fan) Lee
NickName: Xiaolong (Little Dragon)
Born: November 27th, 1940
Died: July 20th 1973
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135-140lbs.
Education: Philosophy Major at University of Washington
Hobbies: Gung Fu and Dancing
Chinese Horoscope: Dragon
Sign: Sagittarius

Did you know that Bruce was a pefectionist?  He liked everything to be perfect.  He was very hard on himself in everything he did.  He didn't settle for almost.

Did you know that Bruce liked music with meaning?  Songs with something to say.

Did you know Bruce could dance?! He was once a Cha-Cha king of Hong Kong!

Did you know Bruce was a cocky youngster? On the set of "The Green Hornet", he used to walk up behind people on and tap them on their shoulder, and when they would turn to look he would jump up and flick their ear lobe with his foot!  Pretty skillful if you ask me. This was funny until one day one of the guys looked the other way and bruce accidently broke his jaw!

Did you know that in the scene in "Enter the Dragon" where Bruce kicks Bob Wall(the guy with the scar on his face), one of the guys who caught bob from the kick broke his arm!  Bob later said "Bruce kicks like MULE!"

Did you know that also in the scene mentioned above, Bruce was so fast that the camera had to be slown down just so you could actually see what he was doing!  If you look at the flags in the back ground you can see when the scene was slown down.

Did you know that often when Linda(Bruce's wife) would come home from grocery shopping or with a friend, Bruce would leep out of a bush etc, and scream doing a kick or some other kind of move,  really freaking out linda's friend!  I guess she got use to this sort of thing, but I wonder how long it took her friends?!

Did you know Bruce considered his on screen character to be nothing like him in the sense of being a person slow to anger.  He said he was much more quick to anger than his on screen character.

Did you know Bruce could do push ups on his thumbs?! He could even do one arm push ups just using his thumb and pointer finger!

Did you know Bruce didn't drink or smoke?
Did you know Bruce was one of the first people to mix styles?  He realized that no ONE style could ever be superior, but by taking what is useful in and rejecting what is useless in many styles could make for a better well rounded style.  Thus his concepts in "Jeet Kune Do".

Did you know that people would often approach Bruce on the street or where ever he was and would tap their foot, which signifies challenging a fight?  He was challenged almost everwhere he went.  I guess when you hold the title of the worlds greatest martial artist, there is always going to be someone out there to see how good you really are.

Did you know Bruce spoke with a very down to earth type of attitude. He would often use "man" in his sentences, like "be like water man."  Kind of neat to know he wasn't a strict talking master like often portrayed in martial arts movies.  He was actually a pretty cool guy.

Did you know on the set of "Enter the Dragon", Bruce was challenged by one of the crew members and faught him. Bruce played with the guy for a bit until the guys started to really try to hurt Bruce, and that's when he had enough. He ran this guy up a wall with fury and put him to shame in seconds!  After words, Bruce told the guy to get back to work.  

Did you know Linda once said "Bruce never hurt me when sparring, but he sure did let it known that a woman was no match for a man in a fight." Not that bruce was a shovanist, he just implied that in an average fight a woman did not match up against a man.

Did you know Bruce loved to read?  He had his own personal library with literally hundreds of book he read!

Did you know that Jackie Chan got a lot of his breaks from Bruce Lee?  He did a lot of stunt work in Game of Death and was even an extra in Enter the Dragon!  Next time your watching Enter the Dragon, pay attention to the part of the movie when Bruce puts the Cobra in the communications room, which sounds an alarm followed by guards.  Well watch for the guard who comes up behind Bruce and tries to put him in a bear hug from behind!  Look familiar?

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