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~Movie Room Rules~

These are some Movie Room Rules that me and Rainman made up a while back, and much more that I add frequently. Usually as I see fit. As most of you already know, I can be found chatting in #Movie, here on It's a grand ol'room filled with grand people. Just remember to follow these simple rules below, and you'll do fine. hehe..

Movie Room Rules

#1.Don't mention Titanic.
#2.Don't say Titanic(we say The T-word).
#3.Everyone must Drink Pepsi or Dr.pepper.
#4.Everyone must respect the Purple Couch.
No, putting out cigarettes on Purple Couch.
No, Jumping on it, well not too much.
Keep the wild sex to a minimum please.
No, Spilling Drinks on Purple Couch.
No, Throwing up on Purple Couch.
No, kicking Purple Couch.
No, spitting on Purple Couch.
No, Dirty people aloud on Purple Couch, you know who are, Jason_dean, amityville, etc..
#5.No doggin on NIN,STP,Pearl Jam, or any other bands the regs like.
#6.No hoses are aloud in the room at any time.
#7.Must Respect all the Regulars(Regulars listed in Friends page).
#8.No asking "what does LOL mean?", or any of the others such as, brb, bbl, bbs, afk, rflmao, lmao, wtf, etc..
#9.Regulars are always right, even when we are wrong.
#10.No bitching about being called a newbie.
#11.No fighting with a Reg.
#12.No correcting a reg, remember we are always right.
#13.If your not a reg, keep your ass off the purple couch.
#14.Don't whine if no one welcomes you into the room, chances are we just don't give a damn.
#15.No asking how do I talk in grey?.
#16.No saying, "I thought this was a MOVIE room", your wrong dipshit so leave.
#17.No saying "damn this room sucks, I'm outta here", if it sucks so much then why do you keep coming back!?
#18.Don't come in with names like "hotsexyfineguy" or "Superhotgurl", chances are your fat and ugly so don't lie.
#19.Don't say things like, "Any hot ladies wanna talk to a fine guy?" You are letters and numbers on a screen, nothing sexy about that, unless your weird.
#20.No saying things like " why doesn't anyone like me?", you just answered your own question, your lame.

"If anyone has any Movie Room Rule that they feel I left out and perhaps should add, please let me know!"

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