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What do I think of Religion?

Religion. First let me say, I do not believe in religion. Nor do I believe in god the way normal people every day people do. My beliefs in god go as deep as this, I believe there is a god because I can see us and the universe just "being here". So for that there has to be a higher power. I do believe in god in this way. I do pray to my god. First let me explain what my god is.

My god is everything that is good. Pure. My god is the creater of everythings. Whether that be a spirit, or whatever. I do not know enough about my god to make assumtions. I don't believe it can do anything to help really. Some times something happens, lets say luck and everything is ready to jump up and say, "it's a miracle! from god!" I think we shouldn't jump so soon. I do not know if my god can help, or why he does the things he does. For all I know he has no power or just chooses not to step in. This helps me best explain why he lets us be sick, die, hurt, suffer, etc.

Understanding my god in this way helps me cope with it. I do not blame him when something goes wrong, or for the times when things that are just so horrible and shouldn't happen, do happen. Those are for the people who think god is more than perhaps he is. So I see god as just being the creater of everything, the higher power. Where his powers lie, I do not know, nor do I clame to. But from what I can see and understand, this is the information I have based my religion upon. And I am happy with my god. I do wish I knew and understood more of it.

Why is organized religion a good thing?

Organized religion is just as good as a thing as it is bad. Organized religion helps us believe. It gives us faith, and in faith strength to cope with life and it's everyday pain's and joy's. It has helped to keep many of us pure. Clean. In this belief and fear of hell, and through laws and rules in the bible, many of us have shun away from the darker sides of life. And for that, religion is a great thing. Whether it is truth, or lies passed down from generations and that have grown into a part of life. In these ways religion is good.

Why is organized religion a bad thing?

Organized religion is a bad thing in the ways it has worped many of our heads. We have learned to abay without question. To be with out thought. It has in a way mechanicalized us. Made us a type of robot. We worry about about what could be more then what really is. From generations of worped beliefs and being taught this religion, we have worped our minds to blindly follow. Not to say what we are following is worth following, but is it the truth we are following? What is the truth? We do not know, and we do NOT question. Why do we no question? Because we have been taught that questioning is WRONG. It says so in the bible. You do NOT question god. We have learned to feel guilt and shame in questioning. And through this guilt and shame we have continued to blindly follow and inreturn teach our children to blindly follow.

Why are we so scared to question? If your god is worth following, then for sure he has to be reasonable. So should he mind your questioning? Yet you still feel shame and guilt in questioning. Most of us can't even spit out the words, god is dead. God is not real. Say it. Now don't you feel shame? Of course it's a conditioning you have learned.

I know women who have been married, commited to only ONE man their whole life. Because that's what they were taught. That's what the bible states. They're husbands leave them, or cheat on them. Now these women live miserable. They refuse to sleep with another man, or remarry simply because they were taught it is wrong. You commit to one man, marriage is forever. So they will be unhappy with out a mate for the rest of their lives. This is just one example their are many more.

I think if your going to worship anything or anyone, know what you are worshipping. Put your cards on the table. I was told that if I am no babtised when I die, I go to hell? What kind of god says, hey if your not blessed like this, your going to hell. I don't care how good of a person you are, and the good you do on the earth. This is my law?

Questioning God

Why do we suffer? Why do horrible things happen to us? Why do those of us who try to be good and do right still have horrible things happen to us? If your so powerful, you can make the WHOLE universe in 6 days, then why can you snap a finger hypothetically speaking, and end suffering? Pain? Evil? You are allmight right? So when a child is born and you know certain actions or not in his life he going to grow up and one day murder a family, or rape a child and then torture them to death, why can you some how, I am not even talking about being obivous, but some how whether it be a thought etc, change this persons mind. Make him pure? You want us to worship with out questioning to this? And if we do not we are bad people. People look down upon us. We are the lesser.

I have decided through years of thinking and finally questioning, I do not believe in god and religion in the ways of other people. I refuse to worship the laws and rules to a god who had been built up to be so much yet lets such horrible things happen to us. And a god who is so strict.

What is religion?

I believe religion to be a law, nothing more nothing less. A set of rules and laws started long ago. Think about this. We have laws today. If you murder someone you go to jail.. You could get life in prison, usually not. What happens when you do wrong? You get a slap on the wrist and that'a about it. Not very scary, so what stops people from doing wrong the most? Religion. Most people are more affraid of HELL, because hell is eternal. hell is forever. No one wants to go to hell. Peope often do not commit suicide because they are worried they will go to hell. They don't steal becaue the bible says it wrong. You break a commandment and you hurt GOD! Religion is the most powerful law we have and it's not even inforced. Just a thought that no one knows is true or not.

When my day comes to find out what god is I wont be surprised either way. If he is the father of jesus, and the god we have come to know through the bible, and then of course if the bible was in fact true, you question how much of it is true? And how much is made up, added on? I am more optimistic and just say it could be, and it could't be. What do I worship? Nothing. Do I believe in god? Yea in my own way. Do I do good? Yea, I choose to do good in life and be a positive person, I don't need a bible to threaten me with hell, or the guilt and shame of not following god to do so. I choose to myself. I do not tell ANYONE that they're religion is wrong. Rather I push them to think more about it. And learn to question it. It's ok to question. And when your done question if you still believe what you always have, then great, but perhaps maybe you will not?

Just some thoughts on religion, Perhaps some of you feel the same, most likely not. The key principal I push is, question. Always question and NEVER blindly follow.

One of my favorite bands, "TOOL". Believes much like I do. like the song "Sober" states.. "Mother Mary won't you whisper, something but the pass and done." Which is pretty much saying HELP us, stop bitching about our sins our that people commited 2000 years ago, come down and help us! If your real come down and help us..