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What's New with the site

Just updated: 9-5-01

9-17-01: Been doing a lot of updates to the site. Basically refreshing it again. Adding new graphics, making it a bit more pleasing to the eye. Also spending a lot of time completely switching hosts. When it comes time to switch I will post a the new url. There will be many benefits to this, no more flashy add banners, shorter urls, and much more well layed out pages. The Trust me the site will look better than ever! Thanks to everyone who still comes to this site and supports it. Hopefully you will enjoy the noticable changes that will be taking place through out the next few weeks. 9-5-01: Did a lot of fixing up to the site. New graphix, layouts, etc. Still working on jazzing it up as well as fixing some bad links etc. Will be doing a lot of work for the next few days.
9-3-01: Just converted the site into "Frames" and "NonFrames" versions. Originally I had it nonframes. Then added frames in hopes to make it easier to browse when infact a lot of peoples computers, including mine, had a hard time loading it, and some peoples browsers can't even view frames! Knowing this now, I reconverted it. So you have an option of which version you wish to view the site in.
8-20-01: Converted the site into frames. Hoping this should make browsing easier. Also added new pictures, a few sounds, and two articles.
8-03-01: Just added a few new pictures and an article section to the page with several interesting articles! Checkt them out!
7-28-01: Just added a page called "The Shrine". It's basically just a little shrine to bruce lee. There you can click on a link entitled "sign the shrine" where you can say what you want about bruce, pay your respects you could say. As well as see what other Bruce Lee fans had to say about him. Just another little way viewers can interact more with the site and leave their mark.
7-3-01: Just added new pictures and jazzed up the site a bit with new artwork. Still working on refreshing the site.
6-20-01: Still working on fixing dead links etc.
6-13-01: I have got a lot of work! Still updating.
6-11-01: still updating
6-7-01: still updating
6-6-01: still updating
6-2-01: Just got back online. I had been off for some time and a lot of my site went down! But to my surprise, the site gathered a little following. I read emails and guestbook clippings from people thanking me for such a wonderful site, helping them with school projects, and all kinds of things. This really inspired me to get back on the ball with this site and make it the most complete Bruce Lee tribute page on the internet! There are going to be a lot of changes coming up. Things being added, and discarded. Don't be suprised if the site looks completely different every time you come back!