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Hello, if you have come here you are curious about who runs this site. Well that would be me. I spend most of my online time chatting in #movie, a room here on www.talkcity.com . I am a martial artist, a musician, an artist, and more. I play guitar and sing in my band called "Synthetic Abuse". We are a new band, only been around about a year. We play heavy metal/goth/rock type music. I plan on including much more on that in the future. I have trained in the martial arts for about 8 years on and off. Always something new, whether it's a more mental side of the martial arts or a more physical side. I have trained in bits and pieces of several different styles of martial arts, which include, Tae Kwon do, karate, judo, combat hapkido, jeet kune do, and several weapons training. I believe in taking what is useful and rejecting what is useless from a martial art form. I currently train in combat Hapkido. I believe in free expression. I think it doesn't matter what you look you look like or who you are but rather what you own inside. This page is an expression of myself. My shadow. Some things I love and perhaps you might find interesting. Enjoy the page~!
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